CaseBorne Vanguard for iPhone 13 Pro - Perfect Otterbox Alternative!


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Oct 30, 2017
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This phone case is great! It seems to be very well made and it will absolutely protect my phone.
From the iPhone 11 to the new 13 Pro, I wanted a case that would protect it no matter what since it's so expensive.
I love the rugged look without it being over the top. It is very cool looking and stylish.
It is also more slimming looking than you would think. I also love the microtexture and grooves on the sides.And the extra layer made of foam.
It feels very good in my hands. The kickstand is fantastic for youtube. The kickstand also locks into place closed and opened.
The buttons all work great as well and there is a flap to protect your charging port from getting dirty when not in use.
I also heated up the glue surrounding the transparent plastic cover for the screen and popped out the plastic.
My phone feels VERY protected and comfortable all the while also looking really good. I have absolutely zero complaints about this case for only 21.98 dollars and I'm glad I took a chance on it!

You can get it from Amazon here

There are also cases for iPhone 13 / 13 pro max

P.S. Magsafe and wireless charging does not work tho!

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