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Case-Mate Barely There iPad 2 review


Apple Watch and AirPod Champion, Ambassador
Nov 2, 2009
I have a fond love for the Case-Mate line of cases. Out of all the Case-Mate cases, the Barely There is my go to case. I have one on my iPhone4 and had one on my iPhone 3Gs. So when I got my iPad 2 I knew that would be the case I wanted.

It took a little while for Case-Mate to release the Barely There for the iPad 2 so in the interim I picked up a Gelaskin to protect the back of my shiny new iPad 2. Fast forward a few months and low in behold Case-Mate comes through with the Barely There for the iPad 2. And even better they had it in clear!

I got a hold of Case-Mate to ask if the case would work with the skin I had on my iPad 2. They did not have an answer for me but they were extremely helpful, as always. They offered to test the skin and Barely There together or if I wanted they could send me the case to test. After all of the logistics were worked out I had a Barely There Clear iPad 2 case on its way to me. A few days later I received the case.

The packaging was standard Case-Mate. Clear package with a window to see the case and material. No extras come with this case though. I took it out of the package, gave it quick once over and light cleaning with a microfiber cloth. Eagerly, I put it on my iPad 2, hoping it had enough leeway in the design to allow the Gelaskin to stay on and still fit on the iPad 2. To my delight it worked great. It has just enough contact points around the iPad 2 to keep it on. There is no water marking on the back of the iPad 2. Some slight water marking on the edges, but nothing horrible. The Barely There I got was designed to work with the Smart Cover and it does so perfectly. All of the required ports are cut out on the case and you can get to all the functions on the iPad without any issue.

Over all I love the case. It adds very little bulk to the iPad 2 and provides enough bump protection that I can be comfortable throwing it in my bag. If you are looking for a case that works with the Smart Cover and still keeps the nice slim look of the iPad 2 then the Case-Mate Barely There is for you.

iPad 2 Barely There case- Smart Cover compatible- slim case by Case-Mate