can't update to OS 2.2


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Jun 5, 2009
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Quite the novice, but not an idiot. Received an iPhone 3G for Christmas...everything was going ok until I tried to install some apps and rec'd the error msg that I needed to update to OS 2.2. Easy, I thought.

At the time, I had a regular PC and connected iPhone to iTunes and immediately was given the prompt of updating to OS 2.2, which I tried to do. Didn't work. Gets stuck in the "backing up iPhone mode".....So, I was sort of like, the heck with it. Like I said, I am just a novice...can really do without those apps.

For my birthday in April I rec'd a macbook. Now, I thought I could finally update my iphone to get those apps I want that won't download without OS 2.2 :)..... Guess what... no such luck....Won't update even with the mac.

I even spent 30 minutes with apple on the phone today and I swear that lady must have been reading a flow sheet and she really was no help and I finally had to go because I had to meet my young children at the bus stop.

Any suggestions? Should I call apple back? We have no apple store nearby or else I would go there. I am getting quite frustrated because I think it should be an easy fix.
My iphone isn't loaded with anything extra-ordinary. Only about 20 songs, for goodness sakes!

Thanks, Michele:confused:


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Mar 8, 2008
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how long did you wait during the back up portion of the update? sometimes that can take quite a while especially if it has not yet been done. just a thought.

other than that i would try and contact apple again and go through the flow sheet with someone again. good luck and let us know how it goes.

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