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Cant install of update any app after jailbreak please help


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I jailbreaked my iphone 6s ios 10.2 via Yalu, everything was working fine then when i tried to install appsync unified it kept on loading so i reboot the iphone and since then everything is working but i cant install or upate apps via appstore and neither i can install any tweaks via cydia. Please help


Apple Watch and AirPod Champion, Ambassador
Nov 2, 2009
Remove AppSync from Cydia and see if the App Store works for you again. I have a JB phone, but not using Yalu so I can't confirm the exact issue you are having, however I had to do the same the other day after a Cydia app update.


New member
Dec 3, 2012
Well, that´s why JB is not recommended for soo many people (unless you really like and know how to handle those kind of things and try over and over) JB can mess up SO many things, and you won't find official support when that happens. I used to JB my devices, then I stopped doing that, got bored of the bugs and so many other things.

Anyways, I hope you can solve your issue.