Can't get my iPad Air 2 out of my brand new case!! HELP!!! D:


Apr 30, 2016
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Hey everyone, I have a iPad Air 2, had it for nearly 4 years now and very recently, I just bought a brand new case for it which is this one:

I have putted the iPad in my new case today and putting it in was very simple and little bit easy even though it was hard to push my iPad in to the surprisingly strong grips this time around but unfortunately I am unable to get my iPad Air 2 out of my brand new case, the grips are ridiculously too too strong for some reason and with me being relatively strong, I have tried my absolute hardest to get it out without breaking/damaging my iPad couple of times now and my iPad is still in the case at this moment of time. 🙁😒

And the funny thing is that my last 3 or 4 iPad Air 2 cases are from the same exact case company(JETech) and the old ones before the brand new one that I just got very recently, they was easier and aleast the grips was less less strong, so I was able to get my iPad out of the case despite being from the same exact case company(JETech)

This is the 1st ever time that this has happened to me, This is a big problem, I really really need some help please!!

So can someone tell me on how to get my iPad Air 2 out of this brand new case please??!! What should I do??!! If no luck.... Should I take it to PC World(Currys) the place that I bought the iPad to see if they can able to take out my iPad of the brand new case?? 🤔🤔

I only put my iPad Air 2 in a case just for when I eat food at the dining table like lunch, dinner to make my iPad stand to watch YouTube videos since the iPad does not have a kickstand unfortunately and the only other time is to protect the iPad from getting damaged is when going on holiday while traveling in a car for example but other then that, most of the time I really really prefer to use my iPad naked without a case, I don't really like using my iPad Air 2 in a case. 😕

Just to let you guys know I had to buy a new case for my iPad Air 2 because my old cases was breaking like the grips(was not able to hold my iPad anymore) at the end.


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Aug 20, 2013
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*Note-Do this at your own risk as it could possibly scratch the outside of the iPad. * I have slid a credit card or gift card between the case and device to help “break the seal” on a stubborn case then kind of gently pry the device out. Again be careful. I’ve never had an issue but you COULD.

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