Can't enlarge photos in google images Safari


Jun 17, 2019
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Until yesterday, I was able to tap on a picture on google images to view the picture in large.
For example when you search "Apple" on google images you get many photos of it, and if you want to view one of them in large you just simply tap it.

But the problem is that since yesterday I suddenly can't do this! When I search anything on google images and get a lot of photos of it and then want to view it larger, it won't open. If I want to view the photo in large I have to do a hard long press and then it'll open.
How to fix it?

*i tried looking up photos on different Search Engine (Yahoo) and there It's all working good and I can view the image in large when i tap on it but I don't want use it, I wanna use Google..

My iOS is 10.0 and my Safari version is 10
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Mar 2, 2016
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I just tried And did not have any problems. I’m on an iPad Air 2 running iOS 12.4.
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