Can't access all Iphone 6 photos on computer or target kiosk


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I have an iphone 6. Since getting it, I am unable to download all my pictures to my computer. I used to just plug it in and my phone would popup under my computer and then I could download them. Now, I plug it in and only certain pictures appear, but not all of them. There is no consistency in date or time. It's very random. I can go through Icloud and upload them all that way. But, let's be honest that is very time consuming.
Also, I've gone to two kiosks at Target and Walgreens. At Target using the Kodak moments app, all my photos appear and I can select them, but when I place my order all these numbers and letters come up saying I can't access Icloud while using this app and the photos are unavailable to be printed. At Walgreens, I just doesn't pull up all my photos. It randomly leaves some out.

I spent 1 hour on the phone with Apple and I'm frustrated. They have me scheduled for a callback when I'm at home by my PC. It's not my PC. It's my phone. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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