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Cannot rent my movie on Apple TV --I keep entering my password but it wont let me buy the movie


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I selected my movie, pushed the rent icon and it asked me for my Apple ID (this is new, hasnt happened before); then I got a message on my Iphone saying a device was being accessed and would I allow it. I said yes. Next my phone got a message with some numbers and I was asked to enter it on my Apple TV screen. I did that too. But then the screen went back to my password!!

I am totally fed up now!! I have trying to watch this movie for the past three hours!!! Why is there no way of getting help from Apple???

Rob Phillips

iPhone X & Apple TV Champion, Moderator
May 1, 2012
Welcome to iMore! Try entering your usual password followed by the set of numbers that appeared on your iPhone in the password field when it asks for it. For example, if your password is "apple" and the code that appears on your iPhone is "123456", enter "apple123456" on your AppleTV.


Ambassador Team Leader, Senior Moderator
Jan 8, 2012
Be patient. When prompted to enter your Apple ID, enter it. When prompted to enter the associated passcode, enter it. I'm assuming you have two-step authentication enabled, thus the reason for the code.