Cannot make or recieve calls or text but have email . How can I fix this?


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I have an ATTPREPAID ACCOUNT . Switching account from iPhone 5s to iPhone 7. Had to get a newNano SIM card . Put card in 5s, did iCloud back. Reoveed card from 5s and put it in 7. Followed directions for set up . Did att ovule trader and cloud also . I have email but cannot make or receive calls or text messages . Also unable to log onto my prepaid account . Message reads unable to find account symptoms this time , try back later , or unable to log e in at this time try back ater or wait an hour r I’m locked out for 24 hours . This has been going on for 5 days now . Don’t remember my password and when I do reset it it reads I have the wrong password again . Site offers to send a temporary password in 45 minutes , but I never get one , can’t locate my account but you can locate my card every month for my prepaid charges. Oops like you want to make sure you get paid and I receive no service or help . Can you help me fix all of this? Remember I only have email no text or calling ! Please help , I need my phone to work . Paul


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Jan 8, 2012
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Paul, the primary problem is with your wireless carrier, especially if you purchased the iPhone 7 from them. With that being said, if you are unable to use your iPhone as it was intended or in the manner you expected when you purchased it then you should consider switching to a different carrier.

Having said that, the carrier cannot help you if your device is protected via the iCloud Activation Lock so if you’re using a found or stolen phone and you’re trying to logout of the account on it, but don’t have the passcode, you’re stuck. Plain and simple.

Lastly, if the device is on the up and up then try resetting the network settings on the device.

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