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Cannonball Bounce by Michael Wildermuth


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Dec 3, 2011


Are you ready for a unique challenge? Cannonball Bounce Jr is a physics puzzler that is easy to play but tough to master.

The game is simple, just position your pieces, aim the cannon, shoot, and bounce your ball to the target. But with many different obstacles and changing environments, the game will come quite challenging as you progress.

Play through 3 worlds spanning 30 levels! Each world with it?s own unique environment, go from no gravity, to gravity, to space like gravity. But wait there is more!

Cannonball Bounce Jr. has 30 puzzles but it is a prequel to Cannonball Bounce a paid game with 100 completely different puzzles! The paid version has two more worlds, mirrored and WTF, and two more objects, uppy and twins!

Game Features:

  • Easy to play touch mechanics
  • 30 challenging and fun levels
  • Levels naturally progress in difficulty
  • Multiple ways to solve each puzzle
  • Defying Physics in changing worlds
  • Many unique obstacles
  • Independently developed (a one man team)

An iPhone, or iTouch, or IPad with an iOS 4.2 or higher

App Store Link: App Store - Cannonball Bounce Jr
Website: Cannonball Bounce Jr


If you get the game, let me know what you think. All comments will be greatly appreciated!

Also at my site Cannonball Bounce I have written many blogs about making a game and some tutorials. Thanks!
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