Can you recover deleted Notes from icloud and Mini Ipad 4th Generation?


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Can you recover deleted Notes from icloud and Mini Ipad 4th Generation? And if so, Please tell me how~


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Jan 8, 2012
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Not unless they were part of a backup. Also, if the notes are associated with an email account, check the deleted/trash folder of that particular email account to see if the deleted notes are there.


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May 15, 2015
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You can recover the note by restoring the device ( if it's been backed up ). If this does not work, try use an data recovery tool.

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May 13, 2015
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Yes, of course you can transfer photos from iPhone to laptop. See steps below by using Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Step 1: Find USB cable of iPhone and use it to connect your iPhone to computer.

Step 2: Click the “Start” button on your computer and type the word “photo gallery” in the search box. Wait for a moment, and then you can see Windows Live Photo Gallery in the results.

Step 3: Open photo gallery and proceed to click “Home” tab and “Import photos”.

Step 4: Select and click your iPhone in “Import Photos and Videos” dialogue, then click “Import” button.

Step 5: Click “More Options” and choose the folder directory, folder name, and file name.

Step 6: Two import methods including “Review, organize and group items to import” and “Import all new items now” are available for you to choose. Select the method you like. Click “Import” at last.


Oct 2, 2013
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If associated with an email account, check the Notes folder of that email account. If you don't see a Notes folder, go to Settings> Mail, Contacts and Calendars > Email address > toggle off Notes. Then go back to the email address and check the Notes folder.


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Jul 7, 2015
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I don't think it's a difficult thing to recover notes from iCloud. As long as you have backed up your iPhone to iCloud before, you can easily restore them from your iCloud backup files with some recovery tools like FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery, right? But if you have no valid backup files, you can also choose to recover deleted notes directly from iPhone.
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Oct 27, 2013
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You probably can. I was able to recover deleted notes. I had an iphone 4, i had my notes generated via the built in ios 7 notes app - auto backed up to icloud. ie I had the "notes" switch set to on under the icloud setting.
I accidentally deleted a very long note when using the notes app. Tried heaps of recovery programs that did not work. When you delete a note in the app, it is automatically deleted off icloud in seconds. I tested this.
Solution - I thought - hang on, Apple will never delete something permanently and immediately off its servers such as icloud. I contact Apple support and requested they restore any notes they could on my icloud account. Bingo - they did and most if not all of my missing notes were back and viewable on my phone. Bet this post is deleted coz big brother doesn't want you to know this and many other secrets about iphones and apple products.


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Apr 6, 2016
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Bet this post is deleted coz big brother doesn't want you to know this and many other secrets about iphones and apple products.

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