Can you connect a Mac Pro 3,1 to Apple tv by ethernet or wireless ??


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I have been looking to stream tv episodes from a website to my flat screen in the living room. I tried AirParrot and it worked well for some time but now I have a 300 plus ms sound lag and I'm not getting any help from Squirrels.
I have an ethernet connection from my modem/router to the apple tv. I have thought about a converter that combines the DVI output with the digital optical output into a HDMI output but that would require me to run a HDMI cable from the computer to the living room if that is the best option then that is what I will do, just trying to get as much information before I take the leap. Wireless would be easier if a new WI FI card would connect to my Apple TV. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
My Mac Pro is (Early 2008) 2x2.8Ghz Quad Core Intel Processors, 20 GB 800Mhz RAM. Using Safari 8.0.7 as my browser the website we like the most for tv shows is


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Oct 22, 2010
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Your AppleTV would connect to your TV via HDMI... the AppleTV would connect to your computer via your home network - either wifi or ethernet cable... and then to your computer running your iTunes library set up to HomeShare... you wouldn't need any other connection between the computer and the TV unless you want to use the TV as a monitor for the computer.. newer Macs can see the AppleTV and extend the desktop to a connected TV as well.

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