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Can someone please tell me what tools I need to make this kind of app?


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May 2, 2011
Edit: Im sorry since i dont have more then 10 post on here, I can't put links.

The app I'm speaking of is 'Mygirl' ios app. Can you youtube it, to see what im talking about?

Hey everyone, I'm a noob in programming, but my first app would be something like this. I would like to make a interactive video of my persian cat for my son. I want the cat to purr, when my son rubs him. (yes something like the talking tom app) but a real video that my son can touch and play with.

Can anyone please tell me how could this be done?

what should I use, what tool, or kit, etc?

Thanks in advance, for those who take a moment of there time to help.
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Feb 26, 2012
On that kind of app you need UNITY or another 3D program since we have already made 2 apps better than . My Virtual Girlfriend & My Virtual Boyfriend .