Can nab a refurb iPad Mini 3, 16gigs for ~$260. good idea?


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Jun 23, 2013
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hey guys,
currently weighing up my situation here and was thinking I could use a second opinion:
I'm thinking about retiring my partner's iPad2 (don't laugh), which she literally only uses to watch TV shows or take it to the gym, maybe for browsing on the couch if it was any faster, and came across an official refurb Mini3, gold and 16gb for ~260 when converted into American $$$. now to me this sounds like an absolute steal, I'm aware of the limitations (16gb...) and that it's a 2015 model, but when I browse ebay/the aussie version of craigslist theres iPad Mini 2s (16gb) sold for higher prices than that.
So aside from the pricing, do you guys believe it's a worthwhile upgrade coming from an original iPad2? I've seen many youtubers warning their followers "not to buy the mini3", but I assume that's based off the notion that you're owning a mini2? again, its usecase would be strictly limited to couch browsing, streaming tv shows and possibly storing one or two seasons of the latest housewives shows (rolls eyes). Would 16gb cut it? Do iPad mini owners generally feel 7.9" is good for TV show consumption? Surely I cant go terribly wrong at that price point? :laughing:

appreciate any input! Was going to order it this instant but now I'll sleep over it! thanks!


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Feb 16, 2014
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You can get a refurbished iPad Mini 2 for $229.00. The only difference is the Touch ID sensor. Otherwise the exact same processor, exact same 1GB RAM, Retina display, exact same graphics chip, same physical size, etc. It will be supported as long as the iPad Mini 3. Unless you really need the Touch ID sensor, get the iPad Mini 2.
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Sep 24, 2013
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The screen size is still good for watching shows. I'd go for it since it should last a great deal longer than the older models.

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