Can I use a Retina Macbook as my main laptop?


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Does anyone use their Retina Macbook as their main laptop? I would like to do this but I feel like I wouldn't have all of the programs I would need.


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Aug 14, 2015
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Both my son's use MBP's as their main computers and have for years. Perfect if you need mobility. I also use an MBP, but not as my main computer. It runs virtually every app I have on my iMac. So when I travel I can still work. You will find many people use their rMBP's as their main computer and some as their only computer. The new rMBP's are powerful laptops that can handle just about anything you throw at them. Just get the upgrades you need to accommodate your work flow.


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Apr 22, 2013
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Retina MacBook's Core M CPU is vastly underrated. It is generally capable of running all basic computer stuff (clerical/office work, web browsing, media consumption) with ease. It can turboclock and is not incompetent at things like rendering footage in iMovie or even Final Cut. With the SSD and 8 GB RAM it is generally capable of running most production software, though it may need more time to process footage or audio once you have completed your work on it. It's probably not the machine you want if you are a serious power user for these types of apps but if you're tossing footage of the kids together for grandma, it works great.

Make a list of the apps you need to have and check into how they run on the Core M. You might be surprised by how effective a machine it is.

That said, I do think the 13'' MacBook Pro is a better value. You're giving up weight to be sure but the 13'' Pro is not a particularly heavy machine and is more then capable when put side by side with a similar desktop.

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