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Can I transfer songs from My iPad (non iTune purchases) to my iTunes account with song match?


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I have a couple thousand songs on my iPad that I loaded from my iMac before it crashed. These are songs that I loaded from CD's principally. iTunes does not recognize these and I have avoided syncing this iPad for a long time to avoid losing these songs. I want to method to transfer these songs off my iPad and get them onto my new iMac. We have 6 iPads in our home and all the other ones were synced with various music that I have lost (literally thousands of songs). I am trying to hang onto my last bastion and library. Help.


Aug 12, 2010
I don't think iTunes Match is going to help. Afaik it only does the matching process on a PC: iDevice just get to use the results of the matching.
My suggestion would be to find a third party app that you can install on the iMac and use to pull the music from the iPad and put it back on the Mac's iTunes library. I'm fairly sure these apps exist but I've never used one and therefore have no recommendations.


Well-known member
Oct 22, 2010
As long as your iPad is syncing to an iTunes library, any music in that library... Purchased or ripped from CD...should transfer from an iDevice to iTunes on computer... I used to do that before Match... Then got Match, and from computer, it did the match thing and I then re downloaded the matched items..