Can I share an iPhone calendar AND sync with Outlook?


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I want the following, but cannot work out if it is possible:

One calendar on iPhone and Outlook PC Client that is in sync and is the default on both devices, AND the opportunity to access a shared family calendar on both devices as well. It seems that enabling iCloud calendar disables regular calendars on the phone.

I think it looks like this:
- Enter appointments into Outlook using the default calendar
(- Accept emailed appointments into the same default calendar)
- Enter appointments into my iPhone default calendar
- Sync the default calendar on iPhone and Outlook, so once synced both devices are up to date
- Syncing using iTunes is OK
- Use a Family calendar (not default) so I can set and see appointments made with/by my family

I have a calendar (in fact more than one) that is syncing between Outlook and the iPhone using iTunes and works.

*What I can't seem to do* is have a Family calendar on my phone AND a non-icloud calendar at the same time
If I switch on iCloud calendars it deletes or merges all my other calendars. Now all are on the cloud, and can't be the default on Outlook.

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