Can I set my iPad back to factory settings after it has had a jailbreak?


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Resetting an iPad with jailbreak

A while back I jailbreaked my iPad and stopped using it a month later. Now I want to reset it and give it to someone. However I forgot my password and a reset would not work because apple notices the jailbreak and cancels the reset.


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Sep 12, 2008
Re: Resetting an iPad with jailbreak

You can't reset it on the device itself when it's jailbroken.

You'll have to hook it up to iTunes on a computer and do a restore of it. Note that that will eliminate the jailbreak though. A restore will install iOS 8

The PITA way around that is to delete all your stuff manually and sign out of your Apple ID when you're done so your friend can sign into his/hers.

And if you don't know the password to it, you're out of luck. Sorry.