Can I link my Apple purchases with my new iCloud account?


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Re let expire and renew iCloud with new email

I have an existing apple store ID I have been using for a decade to purchase music. If I resign up for iCloud using my existing eMail (the mobileme email is cancelled for some reason???) would I be able to link the new iCloud to my apple purchases ID or would it try to say there is an existing iCloud linked to this ID. The mobileme eMail no longer exists and also I do not remember the password or even what the mobileme email was! I don't know why I couldn't just use the apple store ID as the logon, would have been simpler. So anyway if I let it expire and then create a new iCloud using either my personal eMail or apple ID can I link it to my purchases/ library or will iCloud say it cannot link as linked to (no longer existing) iCloud ID, or try to prompt me to use non existent mobileme eMail??? Any light would be appreciated thanks MUSHMOUTH

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