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Can I leave my old iPhone plugged in as a security camera 24/7/365


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I found an app where I can turn old phones into security cameras if you have it always plugged in. Is there any risk about the battery catching fire or anything if I almost never unplug it? It's a security camera now.


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Jan 15, 2016
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I have two Androids that stay plugged in and I've not had any issues with those. Before I purchased my iPhone, my iPod 5th Gen stayed on my desk charger unless I left the house with it. No issues there. Nine times out of ten my iPhone is on my desk charger or on my bed nightstand charger unless I leave the house. No issues thus far.

Cell phone batteries stop charging once they get to 100%, but they do trickle down and then charge back up again. Technically you can safely leave them on a charger and not have any issues, unless there's some type of fault with the battery itself.

If it were me I'd just go ahead and invest in a few security cameras just to be safe.