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Can I just delete iCloud since I'm maxed out in regard to storage?


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Apparently, my ICloud is maxed on storage and I can't back anything up. What I am actually backing up I'm not sure. I logged onto ICloud from a computer and there is nothing special on there. Not even my pictures. I rather NOT buy more storage. Can I just delete it? I don't want to lose information already on my phone like contacts and apps, etc. So... What is the best way to go about this?

Also, I purchased a new IPhone and my old one is turned off. The pictures on my old phone have not been moved over because there were so many. Can I turn on that phone and take it to a local print shop to download the photos to CD?



Aug 12, 2010
Your account info (email, calendar, contacts) are backed up. As are photos and data from within your apps (not the apps themselves). And Messages-this seems to be a major culprit for a lot of people.
Go into Settings app and navigate to your iCloud backup storage. There should be an option to Manage Storage (i would include screen shots but I'm on the iOS 8 beta and the menus have changed a bit). And then you should see an option for your iDevice. Tap into that and you'll see a list of all the apps that have data backed up within icloud. You can toggle some of the apps off so they do t get backed up.


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Jan 8, 2012
Currently, when you login to the iCloud website, you cannot see your backed up data. Having said that, with the public release of iOS 8, you will have access to the iCloud Drive. Information regarding iCloud Drive can be found via the following link:

Apple - iOS 8 - iCloud Drive


Oct 2, 2013
You can store photos in Dropbox or Box, then delete from camera roll. Delete messages, emails and anything you don't need.

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