can i jailbreak/install firmware on my Immitation Iphone?


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May 10, 2009
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i bought a imitation iphone ,i cant run ipa, it wont read it. how do i make it read it? it doesn't run on iphone system, the version shows "BL669_TLG_CH_TR_ENG_09_4_18"
i cant get to the MobileInstallation neither (if it has),i tried ifunbox.
do u think i can install firmware or smth? i wanna play super monkey ball lol. does firmware install a whole new system? or only modify parts.
any suggestion to what shud i do? i want to be able to play super monkey ball and if better, able to play all the games of .ipa format. =D.

it's much cheaper though, 250 singapore dollar rather than 700 us dollar? it's 16gb 3g. anyway what is used to run ipa? could there be any software /emulater to run them? i just need something like an installer to let me install the ipa to my unoriginal iphone, i cant install cydia or a prog called"installer" either. so i need a way to install cydia or another installer that i can run in my iphone. perhaps an installer that runs on java? my phone csn install java easily.
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