Can I get voicemail on my iPad?


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I have an iPhone 8plus and iPad Pro. iMessages is synced. Incoming calls can be answered on both. I use Verizon as my carrier.

I am not a "mobile phone person". I am retired and mostly read on my iPad. I have a landline and most of my calls are on my handset or on my iPad. My iPhone is in silent mode in my purse in case I need to use it when I leave home. When I do leave home, I sometimes find out that I a missed call and voicemail on my iPhone.

Is there anyway, I can set up things so that my iPad can notify me and/or play the missed voice messages? I know Verizon offeres text transcription to iMessage but it's not worth it to me as I only get about 1-2 voicemails a month and very rarely is it important. Mostly, I answer the calls on my iPad. Still, I would like to know when I get a voicemail without having to remember to check my iPhone every few weeks.

I don't want to forward them to my landline home phone because sometimes I need to call home when I am not at home or my husband needs to reach me when I am not at home and then he couldn't use the home phone to call my iPhone.

Rob Phillips

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May 1, 2012
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Welcome to iMore! Unfortunately iOS’s stock visual voicemail is part of the Phone app and not available on iPad. There may he third party solutions (like you said, through SMS on Verizon).