Can I get some help with some issues I have with my iCloud Photos Library?

Taddeo Zacchini

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Mar 10, 2015
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iCloud Photos Library stucks and issues

Overall I'm not super happy with the status of the iCloud Photo Library Beta...

I have restored my iPhone (iOS 8.1.3) from an iCloud backup and it has been stuck in "downloading xxx" for 3 days, with the same amount of photos. I have tried to turn iCloud Library off, or restart the device, but nothing changes.

On top of that, photos store on the cloud on iOS 8 are completely broke: 90% of them are all empty, and if I tap on one, it start loading for a quarter and then freezes.

Also, on the Photo Mac app, while it has uploaded all my 50k photos, it doesn't sync properly with my iOS devices: if I delete something on my iPhone, it doesn't get deleted on my Mac (even if I deleting the pics from the "recent delete" folder).

The result is a not consistent experience, and not proper sync between devices. And this should be the main feature.

I know it's a beta, but this is pretty painful... And I not sure at this stage Apple will address these issues. If it doesn't, I think it's a pretty big fall on their side. :/

Anyone in the same boat?


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