Can I get some help with a diagnostics and usage data?


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Log aggregated - diagnostics and usage data


I have a rather tentative question for you guys. I was snooping around on my BF's Iphone (yes, I know I am a terrible person for doing that, but since we have severe trust issues due to former infidelity, I lost it for a second and regretted it immediately after). I did it, because I had a hunch that he might be visiting dating sites while having enabled the "in private" mode on his phone (according to his browsing history, he never uses Safari on the IPhone anymore) and then I ended up in a log aggregated concerning a specific day we spent apart. In there I found information that said:


Along with other data that suggested, that Safari had been opened several times that day, even though the browsing history was clean as ever.

I know it is very immoral for me to ask, but what do you think about the technical matter? Can I be sure that Safari and a search engine was used that day, even when it cannot be detected elsewhere on the phone?

- Elsie


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Oct 22, 2010
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Re: Log aggregated - diagnostics and usage data

Perhaps you should worry more about finding trust in the people around you...