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Can I email all contacts in a Group of Mac Contacts?


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In my Mac Contacts file (on my iMac) I would like to send an email to all the email addresses on the contacts in a certain group. For example, I'd like to send a group email to all the contacts names (email addresses) that have been copied into my "Holiday Emails" group. (This is easy to do in most contact manager software programs, but I cannot find one that will work with Mac contacts.)

I guess a 2nd best alternative would be to be apple to PRINT (or PDF) all the emails in that group -- then I could manually enter them.... Any way?


New member
May 7, 2013
If your contacts are in "contacts" on you mac. you can go to FILE > NEW GROUP. Name that group
then go to your full list of contacts and drag and drop the people you want in that group.
Say you named it "Apples" when you go to create an email simply type Apples into the Send to section.
it will email everyone in the "Apples" group.

of course you must have that persons email on their Vcard for it to work.