Can I disable my daughters iphone during school hours?


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I want to disable my daughters iphone 6s plus during school hours so she can not text or use social media.


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Jan 15, 2016
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You would need a 3rd party app for that, and offhand I do not know of any or if Apple would allow any apps to do it.

What you can do, and it will be a hassle, is;

Enable Restrictions on her phone with a password you set - disallow Installing Apps, Deleting Apps, Websites, and anything else in there you see fit. Disallow changes to location based services.

Daily - uninstall Facebook and other social media apps. They can be reinstalled daily or when you see fit. This is the bit that's a pain in the rear, but sometimes doing annoying things is necessary. I recently lost my daughter, and even though she was an adult I wish I would of pushed for her to keep Life 360 on her phone. The panic button may have saved her.

Install Life 360 on your phone and hers. Since you will be the Admin in the app she can't add anyone. You'll be able to see on the map in Life 360 where she is at all times. You will be able to set up a Geofence that alerts you when she arrives at school, when she leaves school. She'll be able to text only you from within the app. She'll have access to a Check In button so that she can let you know she is OK, or you can request a Check In. She will have access to a Panic button in case she is in trouble (the app records GPS locations in case you or the police need them). She will be able to see on the map in Life 360 where the hospitals, police departments, and fire departments are located. You will be able to see on the map where convicted pedophiles live.

I used Life 360 for my kids when they were in school. If they removed the app or disabled location services then they lost their phones for 30 days, without discussion. They never removed the app or disabled location services. I still use Life 360 on my phone and on my fiance's phone.

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