Can anyone explain unlimited LTE throttling?


Sep 19, 2012
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I have a grandfathered plan like most of the AT&T subscribers because the plan seemed too good to lose. With the iPhone 5 the plan now involves LTE and will throttle data at 5GB opposed to 3G (faux 4G) at 3GB. I've only hit this limit once on a weekend I was streaming a lot of WatchESPN. How does it get implemented and what speeds should you expect? afterwords?

Laura Knotek

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Jun 15, 2012
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I have an LTE device and live in an area that has LTE coverage. However, I have not exceeded 5 GB in a billing cycle so far.

From what I've read over on the Android Central Forums, if one exceeds 5 GB, the data speeds are throttled to EDGE. So email will work, but the browser will be painfully slow, and streaming audio/video probably will not work. It would be pretty much like using an old BlackBerry Curve that did not have 3G.

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See this post.

He got throttled to .25-.5 Mbps down and .05-.25 Mbps up.