Calorie Bug In Workout App


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Nov 5, 2011
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Hello everyone. I write to ask if anyone has had any experience with a potential bug that I seem to be getting with my Series 3 non-LTE.

I workout daily with my watch - utilizing different workout functions all the time. I usually use Other, Indoor/Outdoor Run, and Indoor/Outdoor Cycle.

I’ve noticed a bug that occurs when I select Indoor Run or Indoor Bike that seems to happen randomly. NOTE: it does not do this in Other or any of the outdoor workouts.

Sometimes when I start a workout, the watch will not accumulate calories despite having locked on to heart rate and several minutes passing. Both active and total calories will remain at 0.

The only workaround that I have come up with is to force the watch to restart and it will start accumulating them again in these workout modes.

This issue has persisted across a couple of software updates.

Any experience in this issue? It’s annoying when it happens - and it happens often.