Calendar won't "stick"


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Aug 20, 2013
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For the last couple of years we (husband, teen and myself) have had our calendars set up so the others can see and access them. The way we did this was to add each other's email accounts to Accounts in Mail, Contacts, Calendars, turned on Calendars for those accounts then checked the calendars in the calendars app. It has worked great once I got them trained to add their schedules and events into the calendars. Everyone knows what's going on and can plan accordingly. This still works for my DD and myself but the couple of months (since ios8 maybe) my husband's default calendar will not "stick." No matter what we try, checking/un checking, creating a new calendar the information he inputs just vanishes from all devices, including his after a couple of hours. I thought I had solved it by making his default the Family calendar but again everything has disappeared. I've tried googling the problem and doing a search here but have come up empty. I figure if anyone can help it would be the good people at iMore.

eta: I have even had him invite me to view his calendars via iCloud and those vanish too.

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