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Jun 11, 2009
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Hey everyone,

We're graphics junkies from the old days of the demoscene who have spent the last fifteen years building well regarded Flash and PHP websites for clients.

We've just finished our very first iPhone app ? BuzzCut (I cant post a link due to post count but you can find it on itunes or google buzzcut app) - which took a couple of weeks from us being happy with the concept to actually having it live in the app store.

Because so many of the apps we had seen were rough around the edges, we were interested in creating a simple but very polished app with a short development cycle.

We came up with the idea of an app which precisely mimmicked an electric razor or shaver.

We had a look at a couple of the other shaver / razor apps like uShave, LBXshaver and Cult Shaver and saw immediately that we could improve on those - the buzzing noise, the vibration, the hair flying off everywhere.

We also tweaked the app to be hair clippers instead of a razor, so the user could also change the length and colour of the real-time hair particles, and so they could run up behind their friends and pretend to shave their head!

After 100,000 people downloaded it in the first week, we figured we must have done something right, but we're always pushing for improvement so we'd love your feedback as to how you think we could improve it, or what we could have done differently in development.


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