Broken Calculator Puzzle (Free) -Fun yet Challenging ;)


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Jun 23, 2009
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Hi guys, I just developed my first app, please try it out. Feedback are greatly appreciated :) Thanks.

Have you ever used Apple?s Calculator Application? Well, what if some of the buttons are malfunctioned and not working? Can you still use it to carry out normal operations? You?re not gonna throw your iPhone/iPod touch away right?

Challenge yourself with this Broken Calculator Puzzle. You will be amazed how you can still do ALL normal operations with just a few buttons. It just requires a little bit work. Maybe after this you can even design a new kind of Calculator for us :)

Video Demo: YouTube - Broken Calculator Puzzle iPhone / iPod Touch Application by XimpleApp

Broken Calculator Puzzle: exercise and improve your number calculating skill by solving at least 94 puzzles. Your job is to get ALL target numbers!

Note: This game requires critical thinking and planning NOT just luck. It can also be a great learning tool for your kids, but you must know that Hard Levels are VERY hard.

Price: FREE >>>GET IT HERE<<<

* Levels of Difficulty: Easy (50 levels), Medium (30 levels), Hard (14 levels)
* Version: Lite v1.0
* Release Date: June 4th, 2009

Thank you. :)