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Dec 23, 2012
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Hello everyone, I talked about new players guide last time. Today I would say more about it. The newcomers I met in game misunderstood the growth of their game and leveling up, leading them to have little fighting capacity even with higher level. Now I will talk about my view of leveling up, I hope to help the new players in game.
Let?s talk about how to promote the troops fighting. Please listen to me speak carefully. After level 10 we can recruit one more hero. If you beat a lot of campaigns before this point, you can get barony rank. Higher ranks can use more heroes to battle. So beat more campaigns is doing a lot of good to you. Oh BTW, there is a tip for recruiting heroes. Check growth rating and star rating before recruiting. Heroes with less than two and half stars or 5 growth ratings are not good for me at all. Make full use of three free refreshes is essential.

Arena will unlock at level 10. There are two free challenge competitions per day. Every round has different opponents to challenge. The difficulty of each round will gradually increase, profit is also increasing. Competition is the main source of equipment, gems, and hero experiences. And is also a good place for testing out your squad. Of course this is another good point. There is a small technique doing challenges. Based on the evaluation of battle, the first time I was testing out my limit number of rounds, and then write down the number. The second time I would just turn on the auto-battle, which could be easy and comfortable for me. When whole troop combat effectiveness rises to some point, I recommend clear round 10 ASAP. This round starts to drop off blue equipment, so you can get two free blue equipment per day. At this time, the levels of heroes are getting higher and higher, but the actual combat ability is not too high. The secret is the hero enhancement. There is a method to enhance of hero growth under hero interface. I personally use two free chances to enhance my hero. Do not underestimate the ascending little value. Heroes get more attributes at higher levels with the help of enhancement. Get blue equipment, and remember to put them on your hero. There is a small tip, give the best defensive armor to hero standing in front, and best weapon to the attacking hero. Equipment enhancement greatly improves your equipment stats, that is, over 20% per enhancement. If you get free gems from lottery or activity rewards, remember to put them on the equipment. These gems are great upgrade to combat. But remember to use the optimal principle, put defensive gems to front line heroes.
hero equip.png

With the construction waiting time extending gradually, doing quests grants you lot of experiences. I suggest adding more friends during this time, since the farm chest is unlock at level 13. You can get one heart for you every day. And one of your friends can get you one heart every day. Once you collected three hearts, you can open the early farm chest. The farm chest will drop random loots. Good luck will get you huge rewards from gems to experience. At level 15 you can recruit one more hero. At the same time prestige quest is unlocked. Prestige is a good stuff. It can be used in the mall to buy some enhancement items. One of the most affordable is the gold card. Remember to finish the prestige quest every day, the benefits are too large to ignore. Doing prestige quest can increase the lord and hero experience and also prestige. When the prestige approaches 1000, you can get free rewards every day. Doing the prestige quest every day and get 1000 prestige with no time!

There are a lot of fun things to do after leveling up, but remember not to waste resources. I am going to talk about how to make rational use of resources next time, about how to build your empire fast and cheap.

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