BRACE YOURSELVES- Here it comes...


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Sep 22, 2004
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From the ongoing Apple product launch and keynote speech...


"9:47 am use fingers - uses multitouch
works like magic
9:47 am nobody wants a stylus
9:47 am stylus control
9:47 am get rid of buttons nad make giant screen
9:47 am how can they take that to mobile device
9:47 am bitmap screen can show ui, pointing device.
9:46 am can't add a button to phones, doesn't work. buttons and controls can't change
they solved it in computers 20 years ago
9:46 am problem is bottom 40 keyboards there, make a mess
control buttons fixed in plastic
apps want different UI's
9:46 am revolutionary interface - interplay of hardware and software
showing treo & blackberry, etc
9:45 am years of development
9:45 am we want to make a product way smarter than what's been around before
here it is

9:44 am really complicated
9:44 am smart, not easy to use
9:44 am most of htese types called "smartphone" - steve kind of bla blaing it
9:43 am laughs
9:43 am 3g with rotary dial
9:43 am shows comedy picture
9:43 am they are calling it the iPhone
9:43 am one device, not 3 separate
9:43 am crowd goes wild again
9:42 am 3rd
internet communicator
9:42 am revolutionary
9:42 am mobile phone
9:42 am 2nd
9:42 am crowd goes wild
9:42 am widescreen ipod
9:42 am first
9:42 am 1984 - first mac
2001 first ipod
today - introducing 3 revolutionary products "


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Sep 22, 2004
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Sep 22, 2004
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9:56 am smooth.
9:56 am unlock phone, slide your finger across bottom
9:56 am camera with steve's finger
9:55 am demo....
9:55 am cover flow
9:55 am find music faster
9:55 am widescreen video
9:55 am you can touch your music
9:55 am startwith ipod.
9:54 am can tell if held in portrait vs landscape - rotate it
9:54 am turning it on
9:54 am for display/
9:54 am acceleromoter
9:54 am Ambient light sensor as well
saves power
9:54 am when you bring it to ear, turns off display and sound
9:54 am proximity sensor
9:53 am 3 advanced senseors
9:53 am and ipod connector
9:53 am mic
9:53 am bottom speaker
9:53 am one switch for slim and wake
9:53 am sim card
9:53 am top headset jack 3.5mm
9:53 am upper left top
9:53 am ring'silent corol and vol up and down
on the back 2mp camera
9:53 am 11/16" thin
9:52 am "home button"
9:52 am 160 pixels per inch
9:52 am one button on front
9:52 am 3.5 inch screen - highest res screen ever shipped
9:52 am something for your hand
9:52 am Design
9:52 am calendars
sync all through ituens
9:51 am bookmarks, etc
9:51 am has a cradle to sync jusy like dock
music movies podcast tv photos
contact email notes
9:51 am syncs all your media on your iphone
9:51 am syncs with itunes, just like iPod
9:51 am learning from the iPod
shipping 100 million ipods this year
9:50 am talking about Alan Kay from XEROX PARC fame - interface visionary
9:50 am on phone and networking
9:50 am desktop class applications
9:50 am core animation, etc
9:49 am it has everything you need
9:49 am applause
9:49 am shows software interface
baby software on mobile phones now
breakthrough 5 years ahead of anything
iphone runs OS X
9:48 am build on top of that - software
9:48 am has made possible a revolutionary product
9:48 am PATENTED
9:48 am far more accurate
9:48 am multifinger gestures on it
9:48 am ignores unintended touches


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Oct 27, 2004
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Wow, this looks great. I wonder what 3rd party app support/development will be like? That's the one thing that keeps me with POS, the fact that I can customize my Treo and make it uniquely my own. Regradless, this device is going to really shake-up the smartphone world.

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