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Bose sound dock not working


New member
Nov 1, 2012
Hi all, first time on a forum so not sure of protocol etc. Recently bought a Bose sound dock II for my 4S, after being assured and demonstrated in store that it was compatible and easy to use. Unfortunately, not the case with my particular 4S. I've upgraded the iPhone software, removed the protection case and done the usual tricks (clean connections, wiggle it around etc), but still no joy. The sound dock recognizes and charges the phone, and once it eventually starts playing through the sound dock I can alter volume using remote control. Problems: won't always play through sound dock, can't start playback without going through iTunes on my phone and physically pressing the play icon, and finally, once eventually playing I have no control (except volume) with the remote (ie. can't skip songs etc without directly navigating through iTunes). Bose people simply said "it's your phone, try upgrading the software", meanwhile I have a 3-day-old $650 sound dock I can't enjoy. Any suggestions??