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Apr 2, 2011
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Hey Guys,

been a lurker for some time, figured i would wait to have either some input or a question that i couldn't find an answer to before i posted.

here is what i wish to do. i own a ipad 2 and an iphone 4. both of which are constantly playing sirius radio via sirius radio app. what i wish to do is have my iphone or ipad be able to stream music via airplay or bluetooth throughout my house depending on where i am.

for instance i wish to be in my bedroom listening to my bluetooth/airplay speaker and walk into my man cave and have the speaker in there pick it up without missing a beat (or at least only missing one beat). i would prefer if i did not have to touch a button but if i must, i must.

lets say a budget of $100 per room.

another factor is i do the majority of my listening on sirius and i am not sure if it is airplay capable, which i would think limit me to bluetooth.

does anyone know if what i wish to do is possible?

forgive the lack of caps lock please. my keyboard is flipping out. i will figure it out and make sure my future post are easier to read.

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