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Block Shooter HD is out now! Hurry up!!!


Nov 17, 2010
Block Shooter HD is 50% OFF! $1.99->$.99 Hurry up!!!

Downlaod url: itunes.apple.com/app/id408236747?mt=8
Block Shooter HD is 50% OFF! $1.99->$.99 Hurry up!!! Get it while it's hot!

Block Shooter HD is a physics action game.
Red blocks are evil, you must save blue blocks.
The purpose is to make the red blocks fall from the stage, while avoiding the blue blocks.
Shoot down the red blocks with ball to get points. Shoot down the blue blocks will lose points.
There are bomb, rubber, iron balls and so on. Different balls have different skills and power.
The stage could be different kinds, stone, ice, jelly and so on. Different platforms give you different experiments.
Sounds pretty easy?! Sure but, each time you choose a ball to throw, it will cost you the corresponding points.
And seriously, if you don?t get enough points, you can?t move to the next level. You have to replay the current level until you get that point.


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