Blackberry Addict on the Road to Recovery


Apr 13, 2009
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Hi my name is Andy and I have been a Blackberry addict for 2 years.... (everyone together "Hi Andy") LOL. I decided to switch to an iPhone 3g about a week ago. I am the head of maintenance at a lumber yard and the trackball could not handle the dirt. I needed a touchscreen phone to try another option. I do not like being in the office so I need a mobile email device. I absolutely hated the iPhone with a passion and thought it was the most useless device ever. I stand corrected. I love this device and my butt is sore from me kicking myself in it for not getting one earlier. When I am working in the shop I listen to my iPod. I can not work a day without my iPod. I also can not go a day without my phone or emails. I am the tech guy for our location as well and it only makes sense for me to keep up with the times. So I get this thing after countless hours of reading reviews, pros vs. cons, watching videos, and I find out that this summer they are coming out with a new firmware that will make this thing even more than I could ever want. I also ordered an Otterbox 2 days before I purchased the device just in case there are any worriers out there as I do have a rough profession.

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