bizarre iphone 4 headphone problem


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Mar 12, 2013
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I currently use a pair of Klipsch ear buds with my iphone 4. Recently I have encountered a problem in which I hear very choppy/inaudible sound with these headphones with the iphone... unless the volume is at it's loudest, or 2 or 3 levels quieter (ie very loud). I tried the headphones with 2 other ipods, and they work fine at all volume levels, which leads me to believe it's not a problem with the headphones. But then I also tried a regular set of apple headphones with the iphone, and it works just fine at all volume levels, which makes me think it's not a problem with the iphone.

This problem exists with music, video, pretty much any sound that comes out of the headphones. Everything on the phone is up to date.

Anyone run into this problem? Thanks!


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Oct 7, 2009
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i've had various issues when i had my 4 and headphones

once it was compatibility and a couple other times my headphone jack needed a good cleaning

either way hope you get it figured out soon. i hated when it was happening, know the feeling!


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Feb 2, 2012
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Sounds like dirt to me. Give the headphone jack a good cleaning and then give it a try again.

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