Bit Blast Pro (Casual retro inspired puzzler - Universal)


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Sep 12, 2012
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Chain together bits for the ultimate blasting spectacle.

Bit Blast is a fast paced Arcade Puzzle game designed specifically for your iPhone and iPad, allowing for quick pick-up and play gaming. Using fluid and intuitive touch controls players are challenged to ?blast? chains of game pieces, called bits, off the screen. By using their blasting finger players create links to and from adjacent bits of the same type ? the more bits blasted the greater the reward!

With an easy learning curve, a dynamic groovy soundtrack, reactive audio and gloriously rewarding unique 3D retina visuals, Bit Blast will challenge and entertain anyone who enjoys casual arcade puzzle games or those looking for a quick puzzle fix.

Experience a new form of puzzle gaming, using fluid touch gestures, dynamically growing grid size and bit block introduction. Making every time you play different from the last!

Challenge your friends by posting your scores online using the Game Center leaderboards. Challenge yourself by mastering the skills required to get all Game Center achievements!

Bit Blast Pro takes you further into the world of bit blasting by including PRO Leaderboards and immediate access to our already in the works 2 additional game modes "Classic" and "Puzzle" to be released in future updates.

Universal App - A single download allows you to play on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

iPad version features 60fps rendering and input for the smoothest animations and particles. A larger dynamic grid size allowing for longer and greater swipe length, more bits and more particles!!

iPhone version features a more compact and accessible board size, with easy 1 finger play. iphone 5 update for more vertical gameplay coming soon!


★ "Arcade" game mode - Two additional game mode coming soon! "Classic" and "Puzzle"
★ Native HD Retina Graphics
★ Dynamic Soundtrack ? Hear the beats change as you do better (or worse) and push yourself into the zone!
★ Rewarding visuals ? The developers squeezed out the maximum particles on screen that your devices can handle!
★ Game Center leaderboards ? Challenge your friends and prove to the world you're the ultimate Bit Blaster!
★ Over 30 Achievements at launch ? Will you be a Gold tier collector or are you worthy of the Diamond class?
★ Unique touch based Gameplay ? Freeform gesture based linking, your finger is the blaster
★ Additional game modes coming soon!

✔ Easy to pick up and play - With depth for mastery
✔ Addictive gameplay
✔ Accessible experience for everyone
✔ Universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
✔ Game Center Leaderboards & Achievements

This game requires iOS 5.1 and can be played on iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3 and iPad 2 or newer.

Available on the App Store September 13th for $0.99!
Bit Blast Pro for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Visit BitBlast for more information.

Watch the video here:
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