Big thanks to Lofte!

Leanna Lofte

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Sep 7, 2008
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nelly, can you explain briefly how you do did it, maybe in a new thread. I would be interesting in reading this for future reference.

Hey Dizzy, it's pretty simple. Music, apps, photos are transferred over to the new mac like any other file. For calendars and contacts, I just had him a create "dummy" contact and event. When he synced, iPhone gives an option to merge data. Then you just go back and delete the dummies :)


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Jan 20, 2009
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It was a lot easier than thought it would be. Lloft still had to deal with all my stupid questions! Like she said it is just a matter of movibg your music,photos and apps over to the new computer. Then on your new computer you great a dummy contact and a dummy event on iCal. Once you sync the phone it with the new computer it will give you the option to merge the phones contacts with tv new computers.

And I just repeated everything lloft just said! Oops