Big Sur Photos screensaver not working...


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Aug 26, 2011
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I am having some problems with the Big Sur Photos screensaver not kicking in and it seems to be using up all my RAM too. Any suggestions on how to fix it? I did a clean install on my iMac to fix these and other issues I have had since the update, but it didn't seem to help. Also, i looked all over the internet to find a way to fix this and found something so i removed some of files and got it to work somewhat with smaller albums, but the ability to choose which albums i want as a screensaver is blank now (it still shows the last two most recently albums though.) I tried it with my Favorites (which is how i usually prefer it) but that starts using up all my RAM (and Virtual Ram) and then eventually causes my iMac to crash. I am certain it has something to do with the fact that i have over 200,000 photos and over 35000 Favorite photos too, but it used to work back in the day. Any help with this would be GREATLY appreciated...thanks!

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