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Best Workout Cases for the iPhone 5s

Calm Vision

New member
Oct 14, 2013
I do a lot of running and was wondering what the best case/arm strap might be for the iPhone 5s? I sometimes pocket the phone, but also have those cases you can strap to your arm. I like both, just want some suggestions on what is good.


Sep 7, 2010
Depends on the size of your arms and what you find comfortable...I went to best buy and bought a $30 Belkin case that was not good at all for working out, it would loosen during runs to where I had to readjust it over and over again, and it had a PITA headphone jack area that was never aligned properly. Took it back and bought a cheap eBay case for $5 and it's been perfect.

Now I'm not saying the more expensive cases are all crap, but I've been using this cheap case off eBay for about a year, and I've had no problems at all...even ran in a couple of rain showers and it kept it pretty dry too! (I say "pretty" because some moisture will always get in it without a seal).


New member
Jun 12, 2009
I run with my iPhone 5s several times a week. I just use a cheap neoprene armband case from Walmart, and it works great.