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Best Use of Multiple Devices


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I have a Macbook Air 120g, an iPad Mini 32g and and iPhone 5s 64g. I just don't feel like I am getting the most efficient use out of my devices. My iPad is essentially an iPod. I have mostly music on this device, few pictures and apps. I prefer to use it, over my phone, for music because the music must be interrupted if I need to use my phone. My phone has the same amount of music, plus 8g in pictures and apps. Of course, all of this is also on my Air. Any suggestions on how to better use my devices? Do any of you have certain things that you use your iPad for over your iPhone or vice versa? Thanks in advance for your feedback and suggestions.


New member
Aug 29, 2010
I have a similar issue. I have a MBA, iPad Air, 5s. I've narrowed it down to use my iPad Air as my main device. If I need to use any of the Adobe Suite/convert video files/video editing/heavy computing then it's the MBA. 5s for phone calls and non-iMessage only. Everything else is the iPad Air. I love the iPad Air as my main device. If it had the phone and a SMS app, I would use it as my main phone and just use a headset. Heck, I'm one of those nerds who would hold it up to my face to talk, that's how much I love it. How can you not want to use the device that can play and iOS app! But then people think that idea is weird. Hello, my name is Tytanious and I am weird...