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Dec 23, 2012
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:Have you ever dreamed of being a powerful sovereign in a turbulent period like Richard I who led the great Crusades? Now Rise of Empire, an incredible online strategy game could satisfy your ambition of dominating the whole Europe. With all famous historic champions has pledged loyalty to you and upon help of these great people, you will conquer the world.

Male champions: with outstanding reputation

Christopher Columbus:
Italian Seafarer. He sailed on four expeditions with the support of the Queen of Spain. On the last, he crossed the Atlantic Ocean and discovered the New World. He is a pioneer of modern geography and his discovery started the process of European colonization.

John Chandos:
A famous knight of the 14th century. A close friend of and officer under Edward, the Black Prince, he made brilliant contributions to the Hundred Year War. He is the most honored and well-established as well as the most decorated knight in English history and was one of eh founding members of the Order of the Garter.

Hugh Calveley:
Famous English knight of the 14th century. Having distinguished himself in a series of battles, he then advanced to a high-ranking English commander in the Hundred Year between France and England. Besides fighting, he was also appointed as a regional commander and was even elected as a member of parliament.


Female champions: not inferior to men

Jeanne d?Arc:
She was a national hero of France and saint of the Catholic Church. She led the French resistance to the British invasion, paving the way for the coronation of Charles VII. Later, she was taken prisoner in Burgundy. Religious leaders declared her a heretic and a witch and sentenced her to burn at the stake. She was only 19 when she was executed.

Lucrezia Borgia:
The illegitimate daughter of Pope Alexander VI and the younger sister of the Duke of Valentinois. Born into nobility, she was a long-term supporter of artists, the arts and related affairs. In order to help fulfill her father?s and brother?s political ambitions, she was married three times, two of which were to dukes.

Milady de Winter:
The antagonist in Alexander Dumas? masterpiece, ?The Three Musketeers?, she is the spy for Cardinal Richelieu. Beautiful and scheming, she sets up barrier after barrier on the Musketeers? path. Although in the end, she is killed by the Musketeers, her courage and spirit were lightening flashing across that era.


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