Best Headphones under $100?


Dec 12, 2008
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Christmas is slowly approaching and a lot of us need ideas for gifts. I wanted to get some opinions on the best headphones at or around the price point of $100. I have been looking into the vmoda vibe due with playback and Skullcandy iPhone FMJ. Can't decide. Open for other options as well.

Thanks guys.


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Aug 3, 2008
My fellow blogger on my website is working on a review now of a few different pairs including the new Apple ones. So far the apple ones seems to be holding up quite well and I've heard good things from a lot of places about them, so don't forget to add those to the mix.


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Oct 20, 2008
Visit site is THE headphones website. Some of the best under $100 are the Grado SR-60/80 and the Koss Porta-Pros. If you like earbuds, check out the Sennheisser mx 400/500, although the stock iphone ones arent terrible at all. For in-ears, I like the sony ex-71's for comfort although there are probably better ones out there. If you can step up your budget a bit, look for a used pair of sleek sa6. Those are my current favorite, with a built in physical eq system, etymotics comparable sound, detachable/replaceable cord (allows you too use a thin cord without being afraid of it ripping) and the option to get the W1 and go wireless. This wireless option is much better than bluetooth as it transmits over wifi, giving you enough bandwidth to not have to compress the audio. And it's probably the most comfortable set of phone's i've used (comparable to the sony's). Sennheiser HD280's are also great, and you can get them at guitar center for about $100. Don't be afraid to buy used headphones, they are one of the best things to buy used. This was all written assuming you like rock or pop music; for classical check


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Jun 25, 2009
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Apple earbuds do not sound too good

I have an iphone 3GS. The stock earbuds sound like crap for music... muddy bass, no mid-range, muted treble, very little detail,, plus they do not fit (too small for my ears); any movement and they fall out, but they do have a very good built-in remote and mic for voice control and calls. I have a pair of sennheiser mx500 (see that sound pretty good for an inexpensive, portable set of earbuds, plus they fit my ears. The one thing I have not been able to find is a good set of earphones that have the control features of the OEM earbuds without a 3rd party dongle. If you know of such let me know. To get decent sound and the remote capabilities I took the earbuds from the mx500s and attached them to the OEM apple cable + remote. Now I have a decent sounding earbud that fits my ears and the ability to control the iphone via the built-in remote. It looks kind of funky... a white cable going to a darkish earbud but it works and sounds so nice that I am now doing the same to a set of koss ksc 75s (great sounding, inexpensive, portable earphones).


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Apr 24, 2009
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i use the vmoda vibe duo. If you look on amazon marketplace, you can buy them for around $75. make sure it's a version with the mic and playback controls. they sound excellent but are a little heavy on the bottom end.


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Feb 20, 2009
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Personally I can't stand the apple headphones because they seem to fall out of my ears so easily..

I've heard good things about the Vibe Duos though.

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