Best casual iPad games

Nov 15, 2013
Ever want to play something without needing to give it your full attention? Maybe you?re not into 'hardcore' gaming, and just want something you can fiddle with, check in on every now and then, and not have to be some twitchy-fingered ubergamer to enjoy. Well, we?ve got a few titles for you. These casual games for iPad generally reward you just for opening the game and making few taps to collect resources, which you can then spend on expanding your own little realm. More often than not, you?ll find social elements so you can scope out what your friends are up to so you can help them out, and the usual freemium tropes.
Even if you?re a "serious" gamer, you?d be surprised how much strategic depth can be found at the higher tiers of so-called "casual" gaming. If you can?t get enough of these kinds of games, try juggling a couple of them at once - odds are as one timer kicks in, another one is just wrapping up.
Sit back, relax, and get downloading these highly polished casual games for iPad.

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