Best blue tooth headset for calls?


Jan 16, 2011
Just looking for a recommendation for the best call quality with the IPhone 7 plus. Noise cancellation would be nice. I do lots of conference calls.


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Apr 13, 2012
Best quality, IMO, is a stereo headset. Best overall that I have used is, believe it or not, is the inexpensive behind-the-head stereo item from BestBuy's house brand, Insignia. About $40. Very good battery life, good quality speakers and I have not had any complaints about the voice quality when I talk. The ear pieces are on-ear, not in-ear or over-ear. Mic is integrated into the leading edge of one of the ear pads.

I also have an overpriced Plantronics in-ear style with the mic on a control pod on the cord (cord goes around the back of the neck, I tend to use only one ear piece when using it for phone use). No complaints about my voice with that one either, but the fit is a bit fidgity in my ears, so the sound quality into me is a bit lacking. And the battery life suffers because the battery is so small.

I have tried several single-ear headsets, and IMO they all suck. Several are good to start, but they all degenerated quickly in one way or the other. In this style, I've had multiple models from Plantronics, Jabra, BlueAnt and Motorola. All were $50+, most were $80+, one was ~$100.

Brian W1

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Oct 20, 2016
If noise canceling is important to you, take it from me, a truck driver for UPS, Blue Parrot hands down. Big trucks are noisy! I'd say at least 50% of us use the Blue Parrot, and even those who don't, that have tried them, have nothing bad to say. The battery life is far beyond great! I can easily get the advertised 15 hours of talk time out of mine and it's going on 5 years old ( honestly ). They have upgraded them since mine, and added new features. They can be found on eBay for around $60-$70. It does look like a Mc Donald's drive thru headset a little , but if you want functionality, it's hard to beat. Mine is the vxi bt 250. Now they have a 350 and 450 but they are a little pricier. Stay away from the express model though, it doesn't stay on your ear good and doesn't have as good of battery life.

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