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Best apple combo?


New member
Dec 23, 2015
I'm hesitant on what to purchase...

iPad pro(keyboard + pencil) +5k iMac or !5 inch MacBook Pro retina + air 2 64 gb

I am a student who mostly does what the average consumer does on a day to day basis.
Reasons why I like the iPad setup:
_ I prefer to write down notes, better retaining of info
_ no need for paper and pens
_ better flexibility and battery life
_ I intend to have my own company in two years, thus a laptop will inevitably not be needed
_ I use my laptop on my stomach a lot in bed. Goodbye charger cords and overheating
_ playing games. The odd occasion

Reasons why I like the laptop setup
_ I still prefer using a trackpad to navigate without lifting hands
_ I still prefer to have the ability to use OS X in bed than iOS
- save some money, although the thought of me having to use pen and paper sucks lol
_ I get more value out of my phone, I never use it now since IPP
_ more convienance upto two years

I'm honestly confused what should I do?


Well-known member
Nov 10, 2014
My best guest would be, since u said u don't need the laptop, would to be get the iPad pro & the Mac.