beShop : the smartest way to do shooping

Feb 21, 2009
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With beShop, simplify writing and managing your shopping lists.

The beautiful user interface of beShop makes all operations easy and funny.

You will create your first shopping list very quickly. Then, you will add selected products in a very complete database (more than 200 products in more than 15 categories). The selection in the catalogue is easy because products are displayed by categories or with alphabetical sort. A search bar allows you to quickly find products. You may also define your favourite products for each shop in order to find them at a glance. If your product is not in the catalogue, add it and affect it an existing or a new category. You can affect a raw quantity or a quantity with the unit of your choice for each product.

Your shopping list is created, you have then just to strike the products by sliding your finger from left to right on the items.

Check your budget! Type the price and the date after you made shopping. By this way, You will be able to check your budget

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